Terms & Conditions

Hockey Performance Consultancy (Scotland) Ltd, known as HPC (Scotland) Ltd was established in Summer 2003 and is owned by David Stott and Pauline Stott MBE.

HPC (Scotland) Ltd is a registered company through Companies House with reference SC254965.

We aim to give all our players the best experience possible during our 1 to 1 sessions, group work and our camps so please read the terms and conditions and should you have any queries please contact us directly.

Safety Policy

All participants’ safety at our camps is given the highest priority at all times. Initially at the camps we discuss all the safety expectations including having breaks when requested by staff, not hitting towards a crowd at any time and avoiding hitting off the side of the fencing. General safety is ongoing throughout the time coaching and all staff are aware that any breach of safety must be highlighted immediately. Children are supervised throughout all our breaks including lunchtimes. During drop off and pick-ups staff are present to ensure children are collected by the relevant person. Children should be dropped off as close to the pitch area as possible and ideally brought to the coaching team for registration and checks (including temperature checks during Covid times).

Your child will be registered on arrival and HPC (Scotland) Ltd camps will always have a First Aid trained member of staff on site.

Medical information

It is vital that parents/guardians inform us of any underlying health issues (including medical, physical or behavior issues) at the time of booking in order for the staff to be fully aware of information. This includes if the participant is unable to take part in certain aspects of the play. Allergies, Diabetes, Epilepsy or any other disability should be noted and this will be kept confidential by the staff. 

HPC (Scotland) Ltd staff must also be made aware if the participant uses an Epi-pen. We must be given written permission from the parent allowing us to administer treatment in an emergency. Children must bring their own Epi-pen with them and make the staff aware of where it is kept with their kit. After any injection or incident staff will always call 999 and this is even if the child recovers. Parents/guardians will be phoned to advise of the incident and the outcome to date.  

In some cases, we may need you to complete additional forms and provide further information. When signing your child up onto our camp you understand and accept that a First Aid trained member of the team may administer medical treatment or seek emergency medical advice should they need to. You also confirm that trained medical professionals can undertake any medical treatment including anesthetic and blood transfusions that they deem necessary. Full consent will be obtained by the staff from parents and guardians as appropriate.

Camp lunch provision and snacks

At some of our camps we provide a lunch but this is restricted to Kilgraston School camps at this time. The cost of the lunch is included in the price of the day but if attendees would like to bring their own food then this is acceptable. Please ensure that if anyone has any dietary requirements or allergies to foods this must be highlighted to the staff on the application form and also reiterated to the staff member on arrival to the session or camp. HPC (Scotland) Ltd staff will do everything they can to avoid use of nuts in food, working alongside the catering staff but food is consumed at the participants own risk.

Breaks are allocated during the sessions and camps but we would encourage snacks to be brought along and retained with the participants. We do ask that any rubbish is placed in the bins provided both in and outside the pitch area.

Hot weather protocol

Children at our camps will not be exposed to excessive periods in the sun. However, most of our camps are outdoor so children will be exposed to the sun. All participants should take reasonable precautions to ensure that the effect of the sun is limited e.g. appropriate clothing should be worn (especially taking care if wearing vest tops), consistently applying sun cream and staying in the shade during drinks breaks if possible. Staff should not be asked to apply sun cream under any circumstance but we will encourage children to apply it themselves at appropriate points in the day. If the child has any allergies to sun cream please ensure their own is provided and they do not share others cream. Hats are recommended during the day also. Re-hydration is key at this time and regular drink breaks will be offered during the sessions. (See below)

Cold weather protocol 

In the event of cold or poor weather, staff will check the pitch as soon as possible and email/text all parents by 8 a.m. should we have to cancel the session.  It may be that we simply delay the coaching if the pitch is likely to become playable later in the day. Should you not receive any correspondence then please assume the camp will run as planned.  If you would like to check with us prior to travelling please contact Pauline Stott on 07742 117747.

Making sure we are hydrated

At the camps and during our sessions we are working the participants hard and therefore, especially during warm months, it means that there is a higher risk of dehydration. All players and coaches need to ensure that they drink more than they would normally. Drinks and snacks should be provided by parents for children throughout the day as HPC (Scotland) Ltd will not provide drinks for participants. Water will be provided by the host venue. Camp attendees should have a refillable water bottle with them and they are permitted to take the bottle to the side of the pitch only. NO glass bottles are permitted at our camps for safety reasons. NO bottles should be taken on to the pitch as they are a trip hazard.

Anyone requiring a break or additional time is permitted to do so and only has to ask the coaching staff to allow this. 

Kit required for sessions/camps

Mouthguards and shinpads are mandatory at HPC (Scotland) Ltd camps and must be worn during training and match play. Sticks can be provided if necessary but we recommend players have their own sticks at the correct length and weight. Some players like to wear protective gloves and this is permitted and recommended but is not compulsory.

Goal keepers attending sessions and camps must provide their full safety kit including helmet, neck protector, full body armour, pelvic protection, pads, kickers and gloves.

All equipment must be in good condition and safe to play with.

Photograph/Video usage

On our application form for sessions through HPC (Scotland) Ltd camp you will be asked permission for your child to be photographed and/or videoed for promotional material and to aid player development. You have the right to refuse such permission. All footage is used for the sole purpose of promoting hockey for HPC (Scotland) Ltd and will never be used or sold to other parties.

HPC (Scotland) Ltd booking and payment policy

When booking a camp or Sunday Academy please give accurate information about the participant, as mentioned, including all medical information.

Payment should be made in full at the time of booking, either through Paypal, BACS, cash or by cheque (please confirm to Pauline Stott by email for either cash or cheque method). Should you wish to discuss paying the fee in 2 parts please contact Pauline Stott and this can be discussed.

HPC (Scotland) Ltd reserves the right to cancel or amend courses in exceptional circumstances and refunds will be given by mutual arrangement.

HPC (Scotland) Ltd Cancellation Policy

On the rare occasion HPC (Scotland) Ltd has to cancel a camp or hockey session we note the following conditions:

  • If the pitch/court is unplayable due to any reason then we will offer a credit to your account, where possible
  • Where notified in advance if you are not able to attend the camp/session due to injury and illness, we are able to offer credits for bookings made but this is at the discretion of HPC (Scotland) Ltd Directors

Adverse Weather


  • Please ensure you enter your email address and mobile number correctly on the registration form. We have a WhatsApp group for Sunday Hockey and this is our mode of communication for Sunday sessions. For camps we will aim to use texting as our communication option
  • Add Pauline.stott@btinternet.com to your email safe list, so our communications do not go to your spam mail folder
  • We will be monitoring the weather in the days and week before the event and will send communication as soon as possible

On the day

  • Where the forecast means there may be a risk of pitches being frozen or flooded, we will attend the pitch to examine it each morning. Should there be any issue, we will send a text to all parents 1 hour before the camp is due to open, to advise of the situation. If you do not receive a text, please assume the event will be going ahead
  • If you are unsure on the day and have queries about the weather condition, please contact us by text

In the event of cancellation

  • Should weather conditions prevent the running of the event, we will automatically defer your payment to the next camp you attend and will keep your credit information updated

Insurance cover for HPC (Scotland) Ltd

All HPC (Scotland) Ltd staff are insured in full for the duration of the camps and sessions. Insure4sport are the Insurance provider.

Disclosure Scotland

HPC (Scotland) Ltd is a member of Disclosure Scotland and pays an annual fee.

HPC (Scotland) Ltd Data Protection Policy (April 2018) 

For HPC (Scotland) Ltd to carry out its work we must collect and process personal data (as defined below) relating to its players, parents/guardians and coaches. HPC (Scotland) Ltd takes the confidentiality of all personal data very seriously and takes all reasonable steps to comply with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is our objective to only collect personal data that is necessary to meet and deliver our coaching service to the highest quality and we will destroy an information held after each event.

Pauline and David Stott are the only staff with access to the personal information given but should you have any queries please contact us on Pauline.stott@btinternet.com


Personal information is any information that relates to an individual who can be identified from that information, whether directly or indirectly.

Data Protection

HPC (Scotland) Ltd processes personal data in accordance with the following data protection principles:

  • HPC (Scotland) Ltd collects personal data only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes for camps and sporting sessions
  • Personal data processed by HPC (Scotland) Ltd is adequate, relevant and limited for the purposes of the sessions
  • We will ensure no personal data is available out with the company use and it will not be kept for longer than is necessary.
  • No bank information will be kept on file at any time.
  • HPC (Scotland) Ltd has appropriate measures to make sure that personal data is secure and protected against unauthorised or unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, or damage.

What information do we need?

All information is on the forms, e.g. names, address, emails, date of birth, medical information and emergency contact information to name a few. This is all relevant to the camps and sessions and for staff to keep in touch with parents and guardians to advertise camps or future events.

How long do we keep your personal information?

We will hold your personal data on our system for a minimum of six months and a maximum of twelve months except for our mailing list.  You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any point by emailing Pauline Stott on Pauline.stott@btinternet.com

Information may be required to comply with legal obligations such as compliance with tax requirements, financial figures for accountancy or in defense of legal claims

We will securely destroy all personal data and financial information once we no longer need it by shredding documentation.

Sharing of Personal information

This confirms HPC (Scotland) Ltd will never sell any personal data and all information is confidential and is only shared with staff working at the sessions. (i.e. medical information)

We also never share any information with any third parties for their own marketing purposes. 

Personal data and footage will be used for the following purposes:

  • With our coaching team to ensure best practise and safety of the players and coaches (i.e. medical information)
  • To enable staff to contact you in the case of a medical emergency or to discuss your booking
  • To communicate with you regarding news, events coming up and activities at HPC (Scotland) Ltd
  • To use on promotional material, for example, HPC (Scotland) Ltd website, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • To aid player development and maximise their improvements through video analysis and feedback
  • We must maintain our own accounts and records for Accountancy and taxable purposes 

Protecting your personal data

For all online payments we will use a recognised online secure payment system, Paypal. Their privacy policy can be found here: www.paypal.com

Should there be a breach of personal data we will contact you immediately.

Payments for services

No financial information (bank details, credit card information etc.) are held by us or any other staff member at any time.

We may ask for your bank account details to process any refunds you may have requested. We will not keep any emails from you containing your bank details any longer than necessary.

Your rights

Under the GDPR, you have the following rights in respect of your personal data:

  • To access your personal data held by HPC (Scotland) Ltd
  • To be provided with information about how your personal data is processed by HPC (Scotland) Ltd
  • To have your personal data corrected by HPC (Scotland) Ltd
  • To have your personal data erased in certain circumstances by HPC (Scotland) Ltd
  • To object or restrict how your personal data is processed by HPC (Scotland) Ltd 

Review of Policy

HPC (Scotland) Ltd will review this terms and conditions agreement annually and reserve the right to change any area of the policy without sending out information to customers.

We love hockey and hope you will too!!