About Us

HPC has a pool of top class International players, past and present, who bring along the most up-to-date techniques and skills to each session.  With new and exciting techniques and skills we aim to bring all players up to date with fun with friends.

All coaches are meticulously checked to ensure they have excellent technical knowledge but more importantly, the ability to understand their players’ needs, taking into consideration age, ability and ambition.  All ages are welcome, both boys and girls or any level as we aim to devote the time at the camp for individuals and team plays.

All coaching sessions are held on Astroturf pitches for players of all ages and abilities. These sessions are varied with the basic skills being assessed initially, leading to more specific skills and techniques being coached, dependant on your players’ skill level.

HPC coaches will be able to pass on their knowledge directly to your players as we aim to mould any coaching given to suit your needs and wants. We will discuss your current coaching, abilities and your aims and objectives, both short and long term. We then build our coaching programme in order to maximise opportunity.

  • The coaching sessions will be varied and interesting
  • Improvement in basic skills, advanced skills and set play techniques
  • Players will learn warm-up techniques, how to prepare for practice/games and warm-down techniques
  • Help demonstrate to players that enjoying the game is the key to improving
  • Ultimately, your results and performance will improve
  • Single day coaching sessions (e.g. 10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.)
  • 2-day courses (including weekends)
  • 3-day courses (e.g. during the school breaks)
  • Evening coaching, for a limited specific number of weeks
  • Small group sessions, for a more personalised approach. Each player would be given individual profiles and direction
  • One-to-one coaching – the ultimate personalised coaching session!
  • Coach mentoring – HPC will work with other teachers/coaches to develop skills and techniques delivery to improve confidence and understanding
  • Video Notational Analysis – teams and individuals can benefit from up-to-date software to assess techniques, set plays and game play
  • Umpiring – a basic refresher course on current rules and interpretations which can be built into the day’s coaching if required
  • Sunday morning sessions for all ages and abilities

HPC is supported by excellent hockey branded equipment and clothing companies based in the UK

All players can ask for advice in relation to playing equipment and protective wear based on personal needs and budgets

Brochures and prices are available on request

All coaching equipment (e.g. balls, bibs, cones) are fully supplied by HPC hockey for every session

HPC can provide exclusive sportswear for your players and coaches e.g. tee-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts and tracksuits offering embroidery or screen print logos

HPC has one main objective:

To take hockey standards to a new level through excellent coaching by high quality coaches and players.

We love hockey and hope you will too!!